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5 Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road

There is nothing more thrilling than hitting the wide open road on your motorcycle, however before you do so, there are a few simple things that every rider should do to make sure you reach your destination in one piece. Below are a few tips that will help you to avoid danger and enjoy your ride.


  1. Know your Bike

Modern motorcycles are extremely powerful and while you will probably be keen to push your and test the bike you have just bought, you should exercise caution until you are familiar with your machine. Make sure that neither the roads you are going to ride, or your bike are more than you can handle. Bikes can accelerate faster that other vehicles, and driving one is very different from driving a car. With increased speeds come the increased risk that you will slip and lose control. Take you time at first and get to know your bike before really opening up the throttle.


  1. Have the Right Gear

Having the right gear isn’t just about looking cool when you are riding your bike. The weather is an important factor in safety riding a motorcycle. No matter how warm the summer sun is and how tempting it might seem, a T shirt and shorts will never be the right gear. Sliding along the asphalt in a pair of shorts is something you want to avoid. Even a pair of jeans will offer limited protection against injury if you come off your machine.You should always wear leathers, boots, and a helmet when out riding your bike, so you are fully protected.


  1. Beware of Hazards

Being able to spot potential danger quickly and react quickly is a vital skill and it is one that separates the experienced rider from the beginner. Before setting off check the weather forecast. Keep your speed down when the road is wet or icy – a bike has half the stability of a car and your body is much more exposed to the elements. Don’t overtake in heavy traffic or on bends, and always be vigilant when approaching junctions or changing lanes.


  1. Maintain Your Machine

Spend a few minutes every week checking your machine to make sure it is ready for the road and safe to drive. You should check the tyres are properly inflated and not damaged. Check oil and other fluid levels, the brakes, and that all your lights are in proper working order. Under inflated tyres our worn brakes can drastically reduce the performance of your bike, while having faulty or broken lights can confuse other drivers and make it harder for you to be seen when you are out on the road.


  1. Protect Passengers

Having someone on the back of your motorcycle can be a fun part of riding. However, before you set off you should make sure you protect your passenger and that they protect you. Make sure your passenger has the right riding gear. If you are not used to carrying passengers, you should practice somewhere quiet such as a parking lot. This will allow you to get used to the extra weight and your passenger to get used to what it feels like to be on the back of a bike.

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