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Open or Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – which one should you choose?

When riding a motorcycle, your safety should be your main concern and having the appropriate gear is one of the best ways that you can make riding a safer experience. Possibly the most important piece of gear that you can have is a helmet. Riders who don’t wear a helmet are far more likely to suffer head injuries when involved in an accident than those who do wear a helmet. Different kinds of helmets can offer different levels of protection.


The two most basic types of helmets that you can buy are either an open or full face helmet. Open helmets do not cover a person’s face at all while a full face helmet provides coverage over the jaw and visor. There have been various studies into which type of helmet provides less risk of injury and both provide adequate protection to your head, which the standard is from the skull cap area from above the eyebrow to above the top of the ears and around the back of the head. However a full face helmet provides an additional decrease in the chance of suffering from a facial injury or the chin and jaw area.


Even though safety should be your top priority, there are still other considerations to take into account before purchasing a helmet. While it may seem less important, comfort should be taken into consideration. When you think about how many hours overall you’ll spend with it on your head, you’ll want to make sure that it is comfortable.Ensuring the helmet fits well will help you feel more comfortable and make sure that your helmet doesn’t move too much in case of an accident, no matter which style of helmet you choose. Make sure that the helmet doesn’t move around but also doesn’t place pressure on your forehead. Also make sure that your peripheral vision is not at all blocked by the helmet as well.


Other comfort issues to take into consideration are weather and other hazards while riding on the road. A full face helmet will provide better protection against the elements than an open face helmet. This will make riding easier, safer and more comfortable when out in weather such as rain. A full face helmet will also provide you more protection against things like flying stones or insects which are both common for any vehicle on the road. In an open helmet if you encounter these things there is no barrier between your face and these things which could make your riding experience more hazardous or distract you from concentrating on the road and other traffic.


Taking all of this into consideration, it seems when it comes to safety and comfort a full face helmet would be the preferred choice, however it all comes down what your personal preference is. An open helmet is still considered safe and it might work better for you. Going to a store and trying on as many helmets as you can before deciding on what style is more comfortable for you and talking to staff about their recommendations is a great idea before settling on what you want.

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