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Gaming Desk – A Must or an Unnecessary Addition?

Most of the pro gamers play their favorite games on desktop PCs which cannot be comfortably taken anywhere they want. Moreover, playing doesn’t usually happen in a matter of minutes but rather it takes hours spent in the same position. Because of that, many people ask themselves if there’s a way to increase comfort and decrease health damage, caused by constant sitting. The answer to the problem could be a dedicated gaming desk.


You can’t buy your health but you can buy a desk.

Many people consider buying a gaming desk an unnecessary addition or an expense that is absolutely not giving them any benefits. In fact, they could not be more wrong as the benefits of a properly adjusted desk are massive. Of course, any desk can (and should) be adjusted to the person that’s going to use it, but gaming desks are usually designed to give players the option to set them in the exact way they may need it.


This means, that although a standard table can be used to put a PC on, gaming desks have a few big advantages that can help reduce the damage that sitting long hours in one position in front of the screen may cause. In fact, spending long hours playing can lead to some of the typical gaming injuries, which include pulled muscles, eyesore or tennis elbow. All these ailments can be easily prevented using desks which are properly adjusted to your posture and height – and a good desk costs much less than a good treatment.


The comfort of your time spent playing

Modern models of gaming desks are usually very ergonomic in their design and give you the ability to regulate the height, angle and depth of your monitor stand, the length of the surface or even the height of the desk (some even offer you to turn them into standing desk so you can switch between sitting and standing positions). In fact, according to some studies, standing can be healthier than sitting because it allows your blood an extra circulation which may in turn positively influence your reflexes.

Unlike typical desks, gaming desks offer a high level of customizability, usually allowing you to stay comfortable regardless of your height or favorite sitting position. Manufacturers of such desks don’t forget about your legs, giving you enough space so that you don’t kick the bottom of the desk surface while playing intensively.


Manage your space properly

Gaming requires a high level of focus. Lack of order around you can easily decrease it and distract you when you should be laser focused on your game. That’s why good gaming desks usually come with management systems for PC power cords or even USB hubs. This allows you to easily manage all the cables as well as any devices that require USB connection.

A well-designed gaming desk usually gives you much more space in terms of moving your mouse. How many times were you frustrated, bumping into stuff during very quick action in your favorite game? The ideal space for a mouse pad is at least about a foot. Of course, you don’t play with your mouse only, and gaming keyboards are usually bigger than typical office ones, requiring a bit bigger than usual keyboard tray. Together with a mouse, that makes over two and a half feet of desktop surface for the comfortable use of your keyboard and mouse.


Upgrading your PC made easy

A typical table or desk that some people tend to keep their computers on are usually very static, and cannot easily be moved either due to the fact that it could collapse under the weight of the screen, PC and everything else that you keep on it or simply because it wasn’t designed to give you any mobility. A good gaming desk should have the option to be easily moved or relocated. That’s why, many gaming desks come with casters that make the cleaning, maintenance, or PC upgrades much more convenient.

It’s not a matter of whether you should get one.


In fact, the benefits of a properly chosen gaming desk are so big, that playing without one is simply damaging your own health. Plus, as gaming desks are usually much more comfortable, they simply make the process of playing a game much more enjoyable, increasing the joy that comes with spending the time playing.

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open face helmet

Open or Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – which one should you choose?

When riding a motorcycle, your safety should be your main concern and having the appropriate gear is one of the best ways that you can make riding a safer experience. Possibly the most important piece of gear that you can have is a helmet. Riders who don’t wear a helmet are far more likely to suffer head injuries when involved in an accident than those who do wear a helmet. Different kinds of helmets can offer different levels of protection.


The two most basic types of helmets that you can buy are either an open or full face helmet. Open helmets do not cover a person’s face at all while a full face helmet provides coverage over the jaw and visor. There have been various studies into which type of helmet provides less risk of injury and both provide adequate protection to your head, which the standard is from the skull cap area from above the eyebrow to above the top of the ears and around the back of the head. However a full face helmet provides an additional decrease in the chance of suffering from a facial injury or the chin and jaw area.


Even though safety should be your top priority, there are still other considerations to take into account before purchasing a helmet. While it may seem less important, comfort should be taken into consideration. When you think about how many hours overall you’ll spend with it on your head, you’ll want to make sure that it is comfortable.Ensuring the helmet fits well will help you feel more comfortable and make sure that your helmet doesn’t move too much in case of an accident, no matter which style of helmet you choose. Make sure that the helmet doesn’t move around but also doesn’t place pressure on your forehead. Also make sure that your peripheral vision is not at all blocked by the helmet as well.


Other comfort issues to take into consideration are weather and other hazards while riding on the road. A full face helmet will provide better protection against the elements than an open face helmet. This will make riding easier, safer and more comfortable when out in weather such as rain. A full face helmet will also provide you more protection against things like flying stones or insects which are both common for any vehicle on the road. In an open helmet if you encounter these things there is no barrier between your face and these things which could make your riding experience more hazardous or distract you from concentrating on the road and other traffic.


Taking all of this into consideration, it seems when it comes to safety and comfort a full face helmet would be the preferred choice, however it all comes down what your personal preference is. An open helmet is still considered safe and it might work better for you. Going to a store and trying on as many helmets as you can before deciding on what style is more comfortable for you and talking to staff about their recommendations is a great idea before settling on what you want.

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motorcycle backpack

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Backpack

Selecting the right backpack for a motorcycle is not as easy as it sounds. All backpacks are not made the same and there are special considerations that a rider has to keep in mind. There are a number of factors a rider must consider before purchasing a motorcycle backpack.

Your Size

When looking for a backpack the size and shape of your body is going to be one of the most important factors. Hip size is one of the most important things to keep in mind when trying on backpacks. While most models have starts that are adjustable they may not offer comfort. Be sure the backpack is comfortable around the hip bone. If the backpack is too snug it can affect comfort when riding and put additional pressure on the body.

How Often You Ride

If you like to be on your motorcycle on an almost daily basis you are going to need a backpack that is both strong and durable. Be sure to find one that is strong enough to handle daily use. If you are more of a casual rider that goes out cruising once in a while you may be able to get away with a less expensive backpack.

What Do You Carry

This is an important issue when selecting a backpack. If you carry just your helmet and gloves you are going to need a spacious yet strong backpack. If you are carrying your laptop computer and other delicate items you are going to need a backpack that offers additional protection. It is often a good idea to look for a backpack that has specialized compartments to fit these items. When looking for a backpack select a size that will fit the items that you carry most often.

Where You Ride

If you live in an area that has frequent or unpredictable rain shows your needs are going to be different than someone that lives in a hot and dry climate. When looking for a backpack make sure it can stand up to the weather conditions. If rainstorms pop up you may need a backpack that is water resistance. When looking for a backpack it is best to select on that was designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions. These backpacks may be a little more expensive but they will be worth it.

Backpack Design

This is another important factor when selecting a backpack for motorcycle riders. Some backpacks may have special features such as an aerodynamic design for those that enjoy going fast. Other may have been designed to be more comfortable for longer road trips. Many would be happier carrying a backpack with a cool design rather than something that is visually unappealing. If you are looking for a really great looking design, check out Motorcycle Area for the list of cool packs and other gear.

These are just some things to keep in mind when looking for a backpack for motorcycle riding. A backpack should be able to stand up to the weather and be large enough to carry your items. It also has to be comfortable so it will not interfere with you enjoying your ride.

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Motorcycle Safety

5 Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road

There is nothing more thrilling than hitting the wide open road on your motorcycle, however before you do so, there are a few simple things that every rider should do to make sure you reach your destination in one piece. Below are a few tips that will help you to avoid danger and enjoy your ride.


  1. Know your Bike

Modern motorcycles are extremely powerful and while you will probably be keen to push your and test the bike you have just bought, you should exercise caution until you are familiar with your machine. Make sure that neither the roads you are going to ride, or your bike are more than you can handle. Bikes can accelerate faster that other vehicles, and driving one is very different from driving a car. With increased speeds come the increased risk that you will slip and lose control. Take you time at first and get to know your bike before really opening up the throttle.


  1. Have the Right Gear

Having the right gear isn’t just about looking cool when you are riding your bike. The weather is an important factor in safety riding a motorcycle. No matter how warm the summer sun is and how tempting it might seem, a T shirt and shorts will never be the right gear. Sliding along the asphalt in a pair of shorts is something you want to avoid. Even a pair of jeans will offer limited protection against injury if you come off your machine.You should always wear leathers, boots, and a helmet when out riding your bike, so you are fully protected.


  1. Beware of Hazards

Being able to spot potential danger quickly and react quickly is a vital skill and it is one that separates the experienced rider from the beginner. Before setting off check the weather forecast. Keep your speed down when the road is wet or icy – a bike has half the stability of a car and your body is much more exposed to the elements. Don’t overtake in heavy traffic or on bends, and always be vigilant when approaching junctions or changing lanes.


  1. Maintain Your Machine

Spend a few minutes every week checking your machine to make sure it is ready for the road and safe to drive. You should check the tyres are properly inflated and not damaged. Check oil and other fluid levels, the brakes, and that all your lights are in proper working order. Under inflated tyres our worn brakes can drastically reduce the performance of your bike, while having faulty or broken lights can confuse other drivers and make it harder for you to be seen when you are out on the road.


  1. Protect Passengers

Having someone on the back of your motorcycle can be a fun part of riding. However, before you set off you should make sure you protect your passenger and that they protect you. Make sure your passenger has the right riding gear. If you are not used to carrying passengers, you should practice somewhere quiet such as a parking lot. This will allow you to get used to the extra weight and your passenger to get used to what it feels like to be on the back of a bike.

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